Sneak Peek: Morgan County CVB logo

We’re giving a sneak peek of a new brand we’re working on: The Morgan County, Ohio CVB.

This logo has been released to a few small advertising opportunities the CVB has received, so we thought we would offer a look at the tip of an iceberg. 🙂

For this project, which has been in development since late 2009, we have started from scratch: Nothing of previous branding was kept for what we’re working on now.

Our process continues to serve us well: Listen, Think, Create and Serve. We began by listening with our ears, as well as spending time in Morgan County – really absorbing the area to get a feel for what we would be designing. We then created a bunch of tag lines, and developed those choices into what you see above: “Morgan County, Ohio:  Front Porch to the Great Outdoors™

From there a large set of logos was developed, and working meeting was held to work through finalizing the decision to the logo you see above. Two weeks later we met again, nearly a dozen of us, to work through color. D&A Design is very hands-on in our creative process! 🙂

Now we are hard at work wrapping this up – creating a beginning ad template, stationery, digital assets, and guidelines for brand children… lots of future show-and-tell to come.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a very relaxing weekend getaway we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest you look into visiting Morgan County, Ohio.



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