We are different.

When we say we’re different than a lot of design shops it sometimes lacks context. Consider this excerpt from an AdAge story about how PepsiCo has put their $25m Tropicana account up for review context:

“After the rollout of that packaging — which scrapped the iconic image of an orange with a straw sticking out, and was the brainchild of controversial design guru Peter Arnell — sales of the Tropicana Pure Premium line fell 20% in a matter of a few weeks between January and February 2009, costing the brand tens of millions of dollars.”

The scrapped packaging work was beautiful…to designers.

The buying public rejected it. Why? Because someone decided to put lofty design standards above common sense.

When D&A Design says, “We listen, think, create, and serve,” we are setting ourselves aside from design shops like the group that made such a huge blunder with Tropicana. To be blunt:  There is no such thing as objective “good design.” There are no standards that a designer can look to and know his or her design meets. We are in the business of aesthetic opinions, personal tastes, and what’s best for the brand.

We certainly wish PepsiCo and their design group success, and hope they’ve experienced a wonderful teachable moment.

As for us, D&A Design will continue to Listen, Think, Create, and Serve. It’s a process that has served us well; it’s why we ware different, and why our clients like that we’re different. 🙂



One Response to We are different.

  1. Rick Sloboda says:

    Good point, Dan. You can design for your ego, peers and awards, or you can design for the market (which benefits the client). Designers, copywriters, photographers — all creative types — can learn from this costly mistake.

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