New Northern Kentucky Advertising Opportunity

Small businesses in Northern Kentucky now have an especially targeted method of getting the word out about what they do. DoorsDirect™ is:  “the one-stop-shop for the design, printing and distribution of direct to door marketing. We specialize in multi-ad door hangers.”

D&A Design worked with owner David Clegg to design the DoorsDirect logo, as well as the template for their Colossal Door Hanger™. The Colossal Door Hanger has allotted spaces on it where small businesses can buy single, double, etc. ad sizes. The door hangers are printed in full color, front and back, on a sturdy card stock.

Distribution is the key for DoorsDirect – they offer 10 zones in Northern Kentucky, and each zone has 10k homes that will receive a door hanger. It is literally direct, targeted marketing!

To the right is a prototype we designed for DoorsDirect showing what ads might look like on the door hanger. We used D&A Design clients as advertisers, and it’s worth pointing out that while we’re sure they appreciate the added exposure, the deals offered on each ad are our own creation.

We wish DoorsDirect all the best as they work with small businesses around Northern Kentucky (and soon across the river in Cincinnati!) to get the word out.



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