New Northern Kentucky Advertising Opportunity

May 12, 2010

Small businesses in Northern Kentucky now have an especially targeted method of getting the word out about what they do. DoorsDirect™ is:  “the one-stop-shop for the design, printing and distribution of direct to door marketing. We specialize in multi-ad door hangers.”

D&A Design worked with owner David Clegg to design the DoorsDirect logo, as well as the template for their Colossal Door Hanger™. The Colossal Door Hanger has allotted spaces on it where small businesses can buy single, double, etc. ad sizes. The door hangers are printed in full color, front and back, on a sturdy card stock.

Distribution is the key for DoorsDirect – they offer 10 zones in Northern Kentucky, and each zone has 10k homes that will receive a door hanger. It is literally direct, targeted marketing!

To the right is a prototype we designed for DoorsDirect showing what ads might look like on the door hanger. We used D&A Design clients as advertisers, and it’s worth pointing out that while we’re sure they appreciate the added exposure, the deals offered on each ad are our own creation.

We wish DoorsDirect all the best as they work with small businesses around Northern Kentucky (and soon across the river in Cincinnati!) to get the word out.



Dog Rescue Gets A New Web Site

April 16, 2010

Dog Rescue

We’re happy to announce the launch of Frankie’s Furry Friends, a small dog rescue here in the Cincinnati area! Frankie’s Furry Friends is a dog rescue that helps small dogs find forever homes.

About the site: This site was built on the WordPress platform, which is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). A site built on such a platform allows the site’s owner(s) to maintain it with great ease. If you can use MS Word, you can use a CMS web site.

Also… once a year we will be taking on one pro bono project where we donate all of our design and branding time/expertise to an organization that we support. Our dog, Jake the border collie, is a rescue dog, and we are strong supporters of no-kill shelters and rescues in general. Frankie’s Furry Friends is 2010’s recipient of our time, design, and expertise. We couldn’t be happier for them.

It has been our pleasure and honor to contribute our time and expertise to Frankie’s Furry Friends. We know they will be a place where little doggies find forever homes. 🙂

Take a look and if you’re so inclined please consider adopting one of Frankie’s Furry Friends.

A look under the hood

February 2, 2010

With last month’s launch of our sister company, Brand Shepherd™, completed we thought it would fun to post a little look under the hood of sorts… what’s going on around D&A Design.

How sweet it is! We have begun work on a brand identity and packaging for a line of raw honey and honey-related products. Show-and-tell should be ready in a month or so. Really enjoying the process, and learning all about beekeeping.

Who’s keeping score? Another consumer packaging design project is about halfway completed. Next week a photo shoot in Palm Springs, CA gets underway for this project. We can’t wait to get those images into the new packaging we have designed. This product is going to really pop off the shelf.

PR, Marketing, and… Advice? Yes! Go check out a site we just launched for Cincinnati-based PR firm, Marketplex. A small firm with loads of experience, Marketplex has a very useful service for small business owners:  Advisory Boards. Get in touch with owner Tom Besanceney – you’ll be fascinated by the process. We’re going to get some marketing initiatives started soon to let folks know about what’s going on with Marketplex.

35,000 reasons to visit Chillicothe, Ohio. In mid-January the 2010 Visitors Guide was printed for Chillicothe, Ohio… 35,000 of them! This year’s guide will really stand apart from other guides at Ohio travel pavilions. We visited a few pavilions to stare down the competition and see how we could make Chillicothe stand out. Mission accomplished.

The politics of design. This month D&A Design has begun working on our first entry into the world of politics by working with a local candidate on creating some well-branded materials. Love or hate him, Barak Obama changed branding in politics forever. A serious candidate can no longer go with whatever a design novice creates. Branding has power.

Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog. How could we post a look under the hood without mentioning Dinovite?! We recently worked on a project where web banners were paired with streaming radio commercials. The banners take you to a landing page where you can learn all about Dinovite Liquid and/or get right to the buying. We continue to be blown away by how much Dinovite lets us design for them – they are great people to do great work for, and our D&A Design’s border collie, Jake, has benefited from their products for almost 2 years.

Lots of show-and-tell on the horizon. We feel that 2010 is literally the time, day by day, for the businesses who want to get serious about their image to do so and take advantage of vulnerable market share. The Great Recession may or may not be over, but there are big chunks for the taking for businesses with a well-honed image and message. Get in touch if you’d like talk with us about how we can help make that happen.


Dinovite Featured in Cincinnati Business Courier

January 11, 2010

The Cincinnati Business Courier featured Dinovite on their web site and on their CET television show.

Check out the printed story here.

Or watch the story here.

Congrats to our friends at Dinovite! We love working on these brands and with these people.

New Eastgate Graphics Website

October 10, 2008

It has been a while since we last posted, but for good reason: We have several projects that have been in the works for months which are coming to a close, and that means the work has been frenzied at times…leaving no time for blogging (which is a nice problem to have!).

Today, though, one of the aforementioned projects has arrived. We are very pleased to have launched the new website for Eastgate Graphics, a Cincinnati-area provider of rigid packaging decorating services, pre-press and packaging design services, as well as printing inks and supplies.

We find their business to be fascinating. The shrink-sleeve package decoration process, alone, is a fantastic use of packaging structure space for branding, and the processes Eastgate Graphics uses to do what they do are as “green” as they can be.

Take a stroll through the new website, and take a look at their work.

As for what D&A Design did on this site, we worked very closely with Eastgate Graphics to create a new website that told the story of who they are and what they do. It was a challenge because they do so much! But once we distilled the information down, we came up with a simple-yet-effective design solution that allows visitors to navigate directly to the areas they want to see. Once at their destination in the site, they are able to see specific examples of each category – either literal samples of packaging, or conceptual imagery depicting the work that Eastgate Graphics does.

D&A Design also shot all of the product photos, color-corrected them, outlined each one, and put them individually into the design. This was a time-consuming and tedious task, but well worth it. The work Eastgate Graphics does is beautiful, and we wanted it to look as good as possible on the site.

We will be updating the site in the months ahead. First up is creating content for the “Resources” page. Look for updates on that soon.

~ dan ~